Schools, corporate groups.

We are happy to put together programs to suit your needs. From a two hour paddle on the lake to a two day expedition on the ocean.

Durras Lake offers a fantastic flat water environment for beginner paddlers as a half or full day experience. The lake stretches back into the forest for five kilometres with various arms heading off in different directions. Surrounded by forest the lake provides a wilderness paddling experience.

Paddling on the ocean takes the adventure to another level. Batemans Bay offers access to the ocean with the protection of the Bay to allow some shelter from the wind and swell. Sea kayaking on the open coast between Durras and Batemans Bay allows for a real ocean experience with large stretch of undeveloped coastline.

For corporate groups getting away from the meeting room allows everyone to relax together in a beautiful natural setting. We are happy to get groups out early in the morning before breakfast, throughout the day or in the evening when the meetings are all done.

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.