Durras Lake Sunset Tours

A magical time to be on the water as day slips into night.  Explore Durras Lake as few people get to experience it. We meet an hour before sunset and return in the dark with the moon and the stars to guide us.

Full Moon Tour, New Moon Tour or any moon phase in between. When we paddle with a full moon it rises as the sun sets and is beautiful to watch. On a new moon the night sky is moonless, our night vision really comes in to play and we can really see the beauty of the stars.  

Paddling on Durras Lake allows us to escape the light pollution of Batemans Bay and really experience the darkness and stars of the night sky.

Click here to see what phase the moon is in tonight.

Who Can Paddle

The sunset tour has a late finish,  may not be suitable for some families with younger children. Give us a call and we can discuss it with you.


  • Sunset Tour $55* per person (approximately two to two and half hours, includes evening snack)

* based on three or more people, if we run tours for two we ask fifteen dollars more per person