Paddling Strokes - Rescues - Surf Skills - Rolling

Whether it is paddling locally on the South Coast of New South Wales or heading off to Antarctica we can help get you ready.  Have a private lesson or get a group together to work on your paddling skills. We will help take your paddling to the next level. We routinely provide sessions on: Paddling Strokes, Greenland Style Qaja strokes, Rescue/ Re-Entry Techniques, Rolling & Surf Launching/ Landing Skills. You can bring your own kayak or use one of ours.

You tell us when you'd like tuition and for how long. We do minimum of two hours per session. Most students choose three to four hours.

Feedback from a couple who trained with us in preparation for paddling in Antartica ...."We had a fantastic trip, and thoroughly enjoyed the kayaking. Apart from the fantastic experience, two things stood out:
1. there was no aspect of the kayaking experience that came as a surprise to us. That is, your training fully prepared us for the adventure; and
2. at no time did we feel threatened or at risk – even including when a large sea lion (size – about the length of the kayak) swam underneath us and scraped her belly on the bottom of the kayak – again as a result of the confidence we had following your training.
The experience was so great we are planning to go back."
Dave HeraldMurrumbateman, NSWAustralia

Paddling Strokes - Sea Kayak Handling

"If you don't have control of your boat then your boat is out of control."  Learn to control your boat by mastering the different strokes.

  • foundation skills, posture, connection, power transfer
  • efficient forward strokes, high and low angle for varying conditions
  • stopping, stop where and when you want
  • reverse paddling
  • stern rudder for steering
  • draw strokes to go sideways or on an angle
  • turning, static and dynamic turns
  • support strokes and balance

Rescues and Re-Entries

What to do if you end up in the water, getting yourself or a friend back into a kayak.

  • safety equipment
  • wet exits
  • assisted re-entry, T-Rescue, X-Rescue
  • hand of god rescue
  • solo re-entry, paddle-float re-entry, scramble/cowboy re-entry
  • towing

Surf Skills

Getting out through the surf, coming back in through the surf as a survival skill and learning to play in the surf just for fun.

  • reading and understanding the surf zone
  • strategies for safe launching and landing
  • paddling through the surf
  • side surfing/ support strokes in the surf
  • surfing a seakayak


Learning to roll a kayak takes time, patience and practice. It is a great confidence booster but not the most important thing to learn first. We can help you develop your roll or help you tweek your exsisting roll. There are a number of different types of rolls, we focus on the C to C Roll and the Low Resistance Sweep Roll


Prices are based on the number of people in your lesson and how many hours you would like. We can facilitate training weekends for your paddling group or club. Contact us for a quote.