From Durras Lake to Anartica

Some great feedback and photos from some folks I was lucky enough to introduce to sea kayaking.

"We have been very remiss in not getting back to you re our trip to Antarctica last February. Life is very busy...

Anyway, we had a fantastic trip, and thoroughly enjoyed the kayaking. Apart from the fantastic experience, two things stood out:

1. there was no aspect of the kayaking experience that came as a surprise to us. That is, your training fully prepared us for the adventure; and

2. at no time did we feel threatened or at risk – even including when a large sea lion (size – about the length of the kayak) swam underneath us and scraped her belly on the bottom of the kayak – again as a result of the confidence we had following your training.

The only down side (if it is correct to describe it as that) was that following each session (which generally lasted 2 to 3 hours) we were generally fairly worn out – albeit exhilarated. But the experience was so great we are planning to go back.

I have attached a number of photos,We’re happy for you to display them."
Dave Herald
Murrumbateman, NSW